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Marine and Technical Superintendent Association of the Philippines Inc.

The association was formally organized under SEC last July 6, 2011 and its first set of officers were officially inducted last August 20, 2011. To bring back the story of its birth, it was put into concept way back in the 1990s where superintendents were releasing their stressful weeks over a bottle of beer. After the meeting, the concept was set aside as the superintendents are too busy with their day to day stressful jobs. It was only last August 20, 2011 wherein the first set of officers of the superintendent association were baptized by the then Marina Administrator Emerson Lorenzo.

Officers, trustees and founding members took their oath of allegiance to the association with the agreement that they shall undertake the following purpose:

  • Help educate, train and unite the superintendents while practicing the profession.
  • Share knowledge, new ideas and help keep informed the members on the latest updates of international and local maritime laws, rules and regulations.
  • Promote the freedom of expressing new ideas and improve the knowledge of each members.
  • Cooperate with the Maritime Administrations, Organizations and other Individuals in terms of the improvement of superintendent’s education.
  • Cooperate with other Maritime Clubs, Organizations, Technical Institutes and Technical Publications, in order to enhance the knowledge of each members in the field of the practice of marine and technical superintendency.

A non-profit organization formed with source of funds taken from their own pocket, friends and sponsors. They have taken the burden of time to learn by themselves, communicate, gather and train each other to be professionalized.

End-result of these purpose is to proliferate and ultimately be recognized all over the world.

MTSAP believes that this can be achieved for reasons that a) Philippines is a land of seafarers and are good in technical and communications skills – an advantage of English and ease of learning in Spanish b) Ship-management from Japan, Europe and other countries are relocating to the Philippines, their superintendents are retiring and replacements are no longer available and c) Filipino superintendents are one of the best choice of most Ship Management companies.


COMMUNICATE with each other. Sharing each other with technical information, knowledge, and skills.
UNITE. Through this association, we can unite each other and share experiences.
TRAIN. With the help of our sponsors, suppliers, contractors and other organizations – seminars and trainings will be organized.
EDUCATE. Training is only a part of educating. Going further of training will educate us to be a more professional superintendent.
MULTIPLY. We are a country of seafarers and are good in communications in English and ease of learning in Spanish. Through association with each other, we can help educate others in improving their skills and knowledge so we can multiply and be recognized in the market.


We (Filipino Superintendents) shall be recognized by the world as proficient and skillful superintendents.

Founding Board of Directors

Engr. Rey C. Eustaquio – President
Capt Telesforo Solda – VP External
Engr. Deo Villanueva – VP Internal
CE Ruperto “Bobby” Alfafara – Treasurer
Capt Roberto P. Aris – Auditor
Engr Arnel Dela Cruz – Secretary
Capt Rogelio M. Navarro – PRO
Capt Joel Legita – Trustee
CE Alex Sobrevega – Trustee
Capt Edgardo Lutao – Trustee
Engr Wendel Enocida – Trustee

International Chapter

CE Vicente A. Pono – President
Capt Edward Limpin – VP External
Capt Neopol Salvador – VP Internal

Manila Chapter

Engr Oyen Yatco – President
Capt Romeo Morandante – VP Internal
Engr Mario Euste – VP External
Engr Ansel Geroche – Secretary

Cebu Chapter

CE Aquilino A. Vinculado Jr. – President
Capt. Rodien Paca – VP External
Capt. Marlon Miro – VP Internal

Gensan Chapter

Jun Simogan – President
Ramil Dequina – Vice President
Dennis Empleyo – Secretary
Engr Ansel Geroche – Treasurer

Secretariat Office

Technical Administration

Galileo C. Lauron
Albert Ancheta
Michael Balatucan
Ferdinand Benavidez

Finance and Administration

Myrna G. Manansala
Sherin Mae Dante
Jozette P. Balboa
Aurora S. Doble

3rd Floor IK Bldg, Molino Road, Bacoor Cavite 4102 Philippines
Email : rce@seashoretech.com
Web : https://mtsap.org
Tel # : (046) 423-97-37 / (02) 899-32-53
Cel # : (+63)917 882 5958